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Storage Tips from Mallard Mini Storage To help you protect your goods:

1. Keep an inventory of the items you store. If you are looking for something, you won't have to wonder whether or not it is in your storage unit.

2. Put plastic or pallets on the floor of the unit to keep your items clean and to protect them in case something leaks.

3. Put all the items you can in boxes rather than loose in the
unit and use only a couple of uniform sizes of boxes when possible. This makes for better organization and a neater space.

4. Pack heavy items into smaller boxes so they won't be as difficult to move.

5. Label the contents of your containers. You can use different colors of labels for particular rooms to identify the belongings of different people.

6. Place the most valuable iterns in the back of the unit, as well
as the items you'll be less likely to need first.

7 . Place fragile items on shelving units or bookcases.

8. Leave aisles or walk spaces between rows of stacked boxes for easy access.

9. Wrap framed art and mirrors in bubble wrap and stand them on end on a pallet.

10. Don't store in plastic or use plastic to cover items that could be damaged by moisture or condensation.

11. You should however, use plastic bags to store items that might leak. Wardrobe and mattress boxes protect your investment in clothing and furniture.

12. To avoid scratches, stick blankets, etc. between furniture.

13. Disassemble any itetms you can for more efficient use of space and easier moving. Store screws and bolts in ziplock bags and tape themn to the item.

14. Stand mattresses and sofas on end with pallets or plastic under them.

15. If possible, use the original boxes to store electronic equipment.

16. Purchase boxes with dividers to store glassware and china, and put packing material in the bottom and top of boxes. Wrap each item individually with paper or foam. Place these fragile boxes on top of other boxes or on a shelf.

17. Wedge open the doors of appliances to prevent mildew. You can store lighter items such as linens inside.

18. Humidity can cause furniture to warp and appliances to mildew. Leave a space between your items and the unit wall to allow for air circulation.
To guard against condensation damage use fabric rather than plastic to cover large items. If your unit is not climate controlled, don't store items that can be damaged by melting or freezing. Avoid storing food items in boxes or other containers that pests or insects can get into.

19. Use oil or rust protector on metal items to prevent them from rusting.

20. CAUTION: Never store fuel or any flammable substance that may be hazardous materials. (This is against the LAW) Drain fuel from lawn equipment before storing.

21. Buy insurance. It is worth the small price for added peace of mind.

22. Use Disc locks, they are much harder to cut or break.Orgaizing and knowledge is the key to fitting as much as possible into your unit, and is also a big part of protecting your furniture. Knowing a few expert tips and tricks can help you not only make the most of your space, but also keep things in good condition while they’re being stored.


■Never store a sleeper sofa on its end. Sofas that are not sleepers, however can be stored on end, to save space when you’re organizing your self storage unit.
■Most chairs can be stacked seat to seat. Before storing, remove as many cushions as possible.
■Remove bed and table legs, and put screws and bolts in a plastic bag. Attach that bag to the item, and wrap the item in a pad or blanket to prevent scratching. Any glass table top or mirror should be stored vertically to prevent breakage.
■Don’t neglect to consider breakage when organizing your self storage unit. Protect electronics by using the original packaging whenever possible. If original packaging is not available, wrap the items in paper to keep out dust, then in bubble wrap before placing in a box.
■For appliances, wrap cords tightly, and duct tape them to the appliance. Store appliances upright against the wall, and consider removing refrigerator and freezer doors, for safety. Washer hoses and dryer vents should be removed and stored inside the appliance.
■Antique furniture requires special protection. Make sure it’s properly wrapped, with bubble wrap or blankets, to prevent scratching and other damage.
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